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The Semicolon > When Life Starts in the Middle of Your Sentence

Life isn’t fair.   This is one of those overriding laws of the universe where, as humans, we’re either never happy with what we’ve got, or we strive for better. It’s rare that a person is ever able to live in the present, and appreciate all that they have, without somehow looking to the future LEZGO

I’m the Trans Funcher > Ask Me Anything!

What’s up you sexy bunch of Funchers! A few weeks ago I gave my Facebook friends the opportunity to ASK ME ANYTHING about being trans. I got some great questions, and hopefully you find the responses both enjoyable and informative. LEZGO

29 – single, Lesbian

Hello beautiful vagina loving females. I felt it appropriate to write a bit of a personal post for once. SOOO here goes! I’m a month into my last year of being a carefree breezy twenty-something and I have entered it a single clueless lesbian. LEZGO

New Music > BBC Radio 1Xtra Artist Viki Duffy

We interview a soulful new music artist featured on BBC Radio 1Xtra from Liverpool, England, listen to Viki Duffy’s tracks at: soundcloud.com/vikiduffymusic LEZGO

Read Obama’s Thank You Letter (Email) Doesn’t Say Goodbye!

I’ve no idea how or why (I must have signed a petition or 5) but I received an email today from President Barack Obama with the subject line ‘Thank You’ LEZGO

Thousands of LGBT Activists Shake their Gay Booty at Mike Pence’s Inauguration

I personally know I would have been there shaking my liberal protesting ass too if I could have been!! Go my queer comrades! LEZGO

Watch Ellen’s Beautiful Tribute to Barack Obama

Watch Ellen Degeneres’s beautiful and heart-warming tribute to Obama, while we try to hold back the tears… LEZGO

Jennifer Holliday Apologises to the LGBT Community for Considering Performing at Trump Inauguration

As the countdown to Trump’s most vetoed inauguration in history begins tomorrow just one of the many artists who backed out of performing – Jennifer Holliday gives an interview and insight into how it was her gay fans and the LGBT community that made her decide. LEZGO

Watch Roundup of 42 Oscar Wins and Nominations for LGBT Roles

This is so awesome! A video roundup of all 42 Hollywood actors who were nominated and also won Oscars for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender roles LEZGO

Video > Oh My Goodness Gracious Hilarious Grandma Lesbian Sex Reaction!

Hilarious 90 year old grandma lesbian sex talk with grandchild! A must watch! LEZGO

So Girl’s Can’t Shoot eh?! The 12 Year Old Me That Shot Down Sexism

When I was a young girl I grew up in Yorkshire, England this (in the 80s) was an old fashioned and traditional farmers type place where owning a rifle and playing a lot of cricket was the norm and as a young rapscallion tyke I loved both. LEZGO

The Scully Effect – Dana was an inspiration to many young budding scientists

I was thinking about Dana Scully this morning while getting ready for work, and what an inspiration she was to me when I was a teenager. LEZGO

Coming Out Queer Makeover TV Show > Get Gokked > Would you watch it?

Last year me and my ever suffering missus came up with an idea for a TV show that each episode would follow a person going through their emotional and fashion makeover relating to their coming out and their new queer identity. LEZGO

Spanish > Patricia Campos Domenech – Maestra de Los Cielos y Pitch

Patricia ha ganado muchos premios y galardones, entre ellos el primer piloto femenino de aviones militares en Europa y el primer y único entrenador femenino profesional de fútbol en los Estados Unidos y muchos premios incluyendo a Woman of the Year (2010) LEZGO

Video > Watch Steamy New Lesbian Movie Trailer Below Her Mouth Starring Non-binary Model Erika Linder

Even this tired and tested formula of queer girl turning straight girl won’t stop us tuning in to this sexy new film, not much else we can do given our choice of new l-based media. LEZGO

Video > Rachel Maddow Proves That Trump LIED about Russia’s Hacking & The Election – Report Just Released

The kick-ass political lesbian legend that is Rachel Maddow tears into Trump after reading the newly released report of Russia’s hacking and influencing the election proving that Trump out rightly lied. Watch now. LEZGO

Why are Femme/Feminine Lesbians Still Invisible?

A Saturday night a few weeks ago some of my boylesque/drag king classmates performed at our local lesbian night club. It was a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed night and a red and black outfit of corset, fishnets and high heels was obligatory to arrive in… LEZGO

Funny Video > Lesbian New Year Resolutions

Hilarious video of what lesbians new years resolutions are – true story! LEZGO

Coming Out as a Scientist

I just read a very interesting article by Tom Welton, a Professor of Sustainable Chemistry at Imperial College London in the Guardian – LEZGO

9 Beautiful Bisexual Women and Men to Greatly Admire

These gorgeous bi’s are my inspiration and simply stunning, incredible human beings… LEZGO

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