We are a chilled
Lesbian Community

 with live group voice chat, text, hang out, games, TV and film

 for Mature / Older, Dykes, Butches, Femmes and Queers

We are a growing community of lesbians age 21+ using Discord: discord.gg/NpZSX4Q and other platforms to hang out, voice chat and text about all kinds of subjects, play games and even watch TV and films together.

Find us on DISCORD

Voice Chat

There can be as many group voice chat rooms as we need! Some will even have different genres of music playing and song requests are welcome!

Play Games

Play any type of game you can think of with other members from simple tic tac toe games to online board games to complex MMO and co-op games

Film & TV

Join our Movie nights and Netflix series showings where you can watch lesbian films and TV shows like The L Word with groups of lesbians with voice and text chat while you watch! You can even pause for a cuppa or loo break!

Do you ever wish you could just hop online and jump into a live chat with other lesbians like you would in a pub?

Play games with them, have a laugh and a natter, talk about politics, sex or whatever you want and even watch TV and films together just hanging out?

Well come on in and grab a pint!
Cause that’s what we are doing!

The Furry Cup Homage!

Lesbian Tribute Video Through Decades

Enjoy 😉