New Music > BBC Radio 1Xtra Artist Viki Duffy

We interview a soulful new music artist featured on BBC Radio 1Xtra from Liverpool, England, listen to Viki Duffy’s tracks at: LEZGO

Jennifer Holliday Apologises to the LGBT Community for Considering Performing at Trump Inauguration

As the countdown to Trump’s most vetoed inauguration in history begins tomorrow just one of the many artists who backed out of performing – Jennifer Holliday gives an interview and insight into how it was her gay fans and the LGBT community that made her decide. LEZGO

The Scully Effect – Dana was an inspiration to many young budding scientists

I was thinking about Dana Scully this morning while getting ready for work, and what an inspiration she was to me when I was a teenager. LEZGO

Coming Out Queer Makeover TV Show > Get Gokked > Would you watch it?

Last year me and my ever suffering missus came up with an idea for a TV show that each episode would follow a person going through their emotional and fashion makeover relating to their coming out and their new queer identity. LEZGO

Spanish > Patricia Campos Domenech – Maestra de Los Cielos y Pitch

Patricia ha ganado muchos premios y galardones, entre ellos el primer piloto femenino de aviones militares en Europa y el primer y único entrenador femenino profesional de fútbol en los Estados Unidos y muchos premios incluyendo a Woman of the Year (2010) LEZGO

Video > Watch Steamy New Lesbian Movie Trailer Below Her Mouth Starring Non-binary Model Erika Linder

Even this tired and tested formula of queer girl turning straight girl won’t stop us tuning in to this sexy new film, not much else we can do given our choice of new l-based media. LEZGO

Is the Demogorgon on Stranger Things a Great Big Slimey Homophobe?!

Okay, lets talk Stranger Things for a minute. THE most exciting thing to happen to me in 2016. I also mastered the art of embroidery and that was pretty hardcore. LEZGO

Artist Profile > Heather VanSaint

For those of you who are unaware of her, allow me introduce you to the musical stylings of one Heather VanSaint, an up and coming indie artist who’s currently promoting her new track F*ck Boi King. LEZGO

Early Christmas Present > Tracer = Lesbiqweeen!

Yaaas! All the rumours and questions have all but been confirmed by Blizzard, who have given us the greatest early Christmas Present with a wonderful holiday themed web-comic! LEZGO

Old Lesbian Movie Review > Mädchen in Uniform 1958

As you do, I stumbled across an old German kinky(ish) lesbian film the other week and I was flabbergasted I had managed to find an actual lesbian film I hadn’t yet SEEN. It’s a teacher / student love story set in a very dark and strict 1910 German boarding school. LEZGO

Cate Blanchett Plays a Female Spider Who Eats Her Husband After Sex in the Upcoming Film Red

After the Oscar Winner Cate Blanchett stole our queer hearts in Carol, the 47 year old Actress continues to surprise us in the upcoming film Red LEZGO

Madonna Wins Woman of The Year > Gives Powerful Speech at The Billboard Music Awards

Last Friday night, the Queen of Pop delivered a powerful speech at the Billboard Music Awards, after accepting the Woman of the Year award, leaving audiences with a feeling that music remains ageless despite the years that pass through time. LEZGO

Erotic Lesbian Short Story Review > Magdalena

Magdalena is a short erotic lesbian love story written by one of our very own bad bitches: Alisa where we follow the female character on her journey of discovering her sexuality. LEZGO

8 Times Tig Notaro Made Our Hearts Ache

Tig Notaro is a brilliant and hilarious deadpan comedian who revels in the awkward – so much so I call her The Queen of Awkward but her journey to our screens and hearts was an insanely intense, scary and emotional one. LEZGO