Video > Watch Steamy New Lesbian Movie Trailer Below Her Mouth Starring Non-binary Model Erika Linder

Even this tired and tested formula of queer girl turning straight girl won’t stop us tuning in to this sexy new film, not much else we can do given our choice of new l-based media. LEZGO

Old Lesbian Movie Review > Mädchen in Uniform 1958

As you do, I stumbled across an old German kinky(ish) lesbian film the other week and I was flabbergasted I had managed to find an actual lesbian film I hadn’t yet SEEN. It’s a teacher / student love story set in a very dark and strict 1910 German boarding school. LEZGO

Cate Blanchett Plays a Female Spider Who Eats Her Husband After Sex in the Upcoming Film Red

After the Oscar Winner Cate Blanchett stole our queer hearts in Carol, the 47 year old Actress continues to surprise us in the upcoming film Red LEZGO

Lesbian Philippine Film is Sexy, Cute and Funny

Lots of hype has been surrounding the new lesbian movie Baka Bukas not least because it is the first ever Lesbian film set in the Philippines. The story is about Alex (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) who is a lesbian secretly in love with her best friend Jess (Louise Delos Reyes). LEZGO