The Scully Effect – Dana was an inspiration to many young budding scientists

I was thinking about Dana Scully this morning while getting ready for work, and what an inspiration she was to me when I was a teenager. LEZGO

Coming Out Queer Makeover TV Show > Get Gokked > Would you watch it?

Last year me and my ever suffering missus came up with an idea for a TV show that each episode would follow a person going through their emotional and fashion makeover relating to their coming out and their new queer identity. LEZGO

Is the Demogorgon on Stranger Things a Great Big Slimey Homophobe?!

Okay, lets talk Stranger Things for a minute. THE most exciting thing to happen to me in 2016. I also mastered the art of embroidery and that was pretty hardcore. LEZGO

Is Black Mirror’s San Junipero Episode Possibly the Best Queer Lesbian Love Story on TV EVER?!

A beautiful queer woman love story that literally spans not just decades but wait for it… infinity! LEZGO