Watch Ellen’s Beautiful Tribute to Barack Obama

Watch Ellen Degeneres’s beautiful and heart-warming tribute to Obama, while we try to hold back the tears… LEZGO

Video > Watch Steamy New Lesbian Movie Trailer Below Her Mouth Starring Non-binary Model Erika Linder

Even this tired and tested formula of queer girl turning straight girl won’t stop us tuning in to this sexy new film, not much else we can do given our choice of new l-based media. LEZGO

Video > Rachel Maddow Proves That Trump LIED about Russia’s Hacking & The Election – Report Just Released

The kick-ass political lesbian legend that is Rachel Maddow tears into Trump after reading the newly released report of Russia’s hacking and influencing the election proving that Trump out rightly lied. Watch now. LEZGO

9 Beautiful Bisexual Women and Men to Greatly Admire

These gorgeous bi’s are my inspiration and simply stunning, incredible human beings… LEZGO

How do People of Different Genders Address Gender Issues in Speeches

Looking at several famous speeches on gender issues made by several public figures of different genders; Laverne Cox, Hillary Clinton, Emma Watson and Jackson Katz. LEZGO

Queer of The Year > The Top 10 List of The Most Influential Queer Women of 2016

Here it is! The Queer of The Year Award 2016! Our top ten list of the most influential queer women of this year… LEZGO

Cate Blanchett Plays a Female Spider Who Eats Her Husband After Sex in the Upcoming Film Red

After the Oscar Winner Cate Blanchett stole our queer hearts in Carol, the 47 year old Actress continues to surprise us in the upcoming film Red LEZGO

Madonna Wins Woman of The Year > Gives Powerful Speech at The Billboard Music Awards

Last Friday night, the Queen of Pop delivered a powerful speech at the Billboard Music Awards, after accepting the Woman of the Year award, leaving audiences with a feeling that music remains ageless despite the years that pass through time. LEZGO

The Lesbian Salute > It’s a Real Thing! #LesbianSalute

And we need to make it known. If you’ve not heard of Kate McKinnon yet you’re either not American, not a lesbian or some cave dwelling cat cuddler hermit banished away from all that is dykish and fine. LEZGO

8 Times Tig Notaro Made Our Hearts Ache

Tig Notaro is a brilliant and hilarious deadpan comedian who revels in the awkward – so much so I call her The Queen of Awkward but her journey to our screens and hearts was an insanely intense, scary and emotional one. LEZGO

Uplifting Sexy Funny Lesbian Video > The Furry Cup Homage

Queer Butch Dyke Lesbian Music Video Tribute Spanning The Ages LEZGO

Ellen DeGeneres gets the Medal of Freedom

An important moment for us all, for generations past and new. LEZGO

Election Reaction > Michelle Rodriguez

Amazing video from Michelle Rodriguez in shock after Trump was voted in as the new leader of the ‘Free’ world. LEZGO

Kate McKinnon Sings a Brokenhearted Hallelujah

Just wow. Tell me you didn’t just fall a little bit in love with Kate McKinnon here. Hold back the tears folks. LEZGO

Ruby Rose Reacts to Trump’s Election

As ever Ruby Rose gives us her giant twitter hug and support through this tough tough time throughout the world for people fighting for freedom and love: LEZGO