The Semicolon > When Life Starts in the Middle of Your Sentence

Life isn’t fair.   This is one of those overriding laws of the universe where, as humans, we’re either never happy with what we’ve got, or we strive for better. It’s rare that a person is ever able to live in the present, and appreciate all that they have, without somehow looking to the future LEZGO

I’m the Trans Funcher > Ask Me Anything!

What’s up you sexy bunch of Funchers! A few weeks ago I gave my Facebook friends the opportunity to ASK ME ANYTHING about being trans. I got some great questions, and hopefully you find the responses both enjoyable and informative. LEZGO

Watch Roundup of 42 Oscar Wins and Nominations for LGBT Roles

This is so awesome! A video roundup of all 42 Hollywood actors who were nominated and also won Oscars for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender roles LEZGO

Coming Out as a Scientist

I just read a very interesting article by Tom Welton, a Professor of Sustainable Chemistry at Imperial College London in the Guardian – LEZGO

9 Beautiful Bisexual Women and Men to Greatly Admire

These gorgeous bi’s are my inspiration and simply stunning, incredible human beings… LEZGO

(L/B)&T > Trans, Dating and Transphobia

What’s up you beautiful lot, today I’d like to talk about possibly my biggest personal hang-up, and that’s Dating; Specifically women dating trans-women and aaaaaaaaaall the hang-ups that can surround this relationship configuration. LEZGO

Accept | Follow | Reject > The Consequence of Coming Out

Before we start, I’d like to say that “Coming Out” is a big fucking deal, regardless of what you’re coming out as. LEZGO

I Am Not My Genitals > Classification by Sex is Awkward For Everyone

Come with us now on a journey through time and space, through the world of The United States of America. Whilst widely touted to be “The greatest country in the world” (mainly by people who live there, well…in the south…) simply looking across the political landscape of their country is enough to prove otherwise LEZGO