The Semicolon > When Life Starts in the Middle of Your Sentence

Life isn’t fair.   This is one of those overriding laws of the universe where, as humans, we’re either never happy with what we’ve got, or we strive for better. It’s rare that a person is ever able to live in the present, and appreciate all that they have, without somehow looking to the future LEZGO

I’m the Trans Funcher > Ask Me Anything!

What’s up you sexy bunch of Funchers! A few weeks ago I gave my Facebook friends the opportunity to ASK ME ANYTHING about being trans. I got some great questions, and hopefully you find the responses both enjoyable and informative. LEZGO

29 – single, Lesbian

Hello beautiful vagina loving females. I felt it appropriate to write a bit of a personal post for once. SOOO here goes! I’m a month into my last year of being a carefree breezy twenty-something and I have entered it a single clueless lesbian. LEZGO

Why are Femme/Feminine Lesbians Still Invisible?

A Saturday night a few weeks ago some of my boylesque/drag king classmates performed at our local lesbian night club. It was a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed night and a red and black outfit of corset, fishnets and high heels was obligatory to arrive in… LEZGO

Kiki Poll > Do you prefer Erotica or Porn?

What do you prefer to get you in the mood or fill your lonely nights? Reading sex and letting your imagination run wild, or just watching it (and all those hot naked bodies)?! LEZGO

Video > Bad Ass Lesbian Biker Gang Deliver Breastmilk to Babies that Need It! 😮😮😎

Watch these cool lesbians in New York that are bad-ass biker heros! LEZGO

Lesbian Bikers Tear Up The Road

Check out these honorary bad bitches – dykes on bikes at Vancouver Pride! LEZGO