Read Obama’s Thank You Letter (Email) Doesn’t Say Goodbye!

I’ve no idea how or why (I must have signed a petition or 5) but I received an email today from President Barack Obama with the subject line ‘Thank You’ LEZGO

Thousands of LGBT Activists Shake their Gay Booty at Mike Pence’s Inauguration

I personally know I would have been there shaking my liberal protesting ass too if I could have been!! Go my queer comrades! LEZGO

Watch Ellen’s Beautiful Tribute to Barack Obama

Watch Ellen Degeneres’s beautiful and heart-warming tribute to Obama, while we try to hold back the tears… LEZGO

Jennifer Holliday Apologises to the LGBT Community for Considering Performing at Trump Inauguration

As the countdown to Trump’s most vetoed inauguration in history begins tomorrow just one of the many artists who backed out of performing – Jennifer Holliday gives an interview and insight into how it was her gay fans and the LGBT community that made her decide. LEZGO

Video > Rachel Maddow Proves That Trump LIED about Russia’s Hacking & The Election – Report Just Released

The kick-ass political lesbian legend that is Rachel Maddow tears into Trump after reading the newly released report of Russia’s hacking and influencing the election proving that Trump out rightly lied. Watch now. LEZGO

Unfair Advantage > The Illusion of Physical Equality

I’d like to talk a little bit about a subject that’s closer to my heart than I previously gave merit. Competing in sports when you’re Trans, and the illusion of our ‘Unfair Advantage’. LEZGO

How do People of Different Genders Address Gender Issues in Speeches

Looking at several famous speeches on gender issues made by several public figures of different genders; Laverne Cox, Hillary Clinton, Emma Watson and Jackson Katz. LEZGO

I Am Not My Genitals > Classification by Sex is Awkward For Everyone

Come with us now on a journey through time and space, through the world of The United States of America. Whilst widely touted to be “The greatest country in the world” (mainly by people who live there, well…in the south…) simply looking across the political landscape of their country is enough to prove otherwise LEZGO

How Femininity is Represented in Ghostbusters

The reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise was one of, if not the most controversial film of the year, even before it had been released. The announcement of the all-female cast struck a chord with fans of the original franchise LEZGO

Ellen DeGeneres gets the Medal of Freedom

An important moment for us all, for generations past and new. LEZGO

Election Reaction > Michelle Rodriguez

Amazing video from Michelle Rodriguez in shock after Trump was voted in as the new leader of the ‘Free’ world. LEZGO

Photo of Lesbians Kissing at Trump Protest Goes Viral

Two women prove love really does trump hate at the protests in New York on Wednesday night. These photos of the two lesbians lost in love in their new scary world went viral and melted hearts around the world. LEZGO

Kate McKinnon Sings a Brokenhearted Hallelujah

Just wow. Tell me you didn’t just fall a little bit in love with Kate McKinnon here. Hold back the tears folks. LEZGO

It’s Time to Protest Trump

Recently our world fell from under our feet and Trump won the American election to be the leader of the free world – the most powerful man in the WORLD now has the same views as Hitler. LEZGO

Ruby Rose Reacts to Trump’s Election

As ever Ruby Rose gives us her giant twitter hug and support through this tough tough time throughout the world for people fighting for freedom and love: LEZGO