Thousands of LGBT Activists Shake their Gay Booty at Mike Pence’s Inauguration

I personally know I would have been there shaking my liberal protesting ass too if I could have been!! Go my queer comrades! LEZGO

Watch Roundup of 42 Oscar Wins and Nominations for LGBT Roles

This is so awesome! A video roundup of all 42 Hollywood actors who were nominated and also won Oscars for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender roles LEZGO

Video > Oh My Goodness Gracious Hilarious Grandma Lesbian Sex Reaction!

Hilarious 90 year old grandma lesbian sex talk with grandchild! A must watch! LEZGO

Funny Video > Lesbian New Year Resolutions

Hilarious video of what lesbians new years resolutions are – true story! LEZGO

Video > Mariah Carey’s New Year Fuck Up is a Cringe Fest!

What do you do if you can’t sing live and it’s New year’s eve and your sound guy has gone AWOL? If your Mariah Carey you prance around the stage with your hooters hanging out swinging off gay men of course! LEZGO

Vlog > Danielle Earle on the end of 2016 and Happy New Year Wishes

Kiki Funcher Danielle Earle gives us her thoughts on the end of 2016, updates about Kiki Funch and wishes everyone a Happy New Year LEZGO

Video > Searching for The Last Lesbian Bars in America

Great video depicting the history and the sad demise of lesbian bars in America with interviews and first hand experience of this important culture that is disappearing of late. LEZGO

The Awesome Kiki Funcher Danielle Earle Introduces Herself

Danielle is a producer and director that works in Brooklyn, New York and just one of the many awesome writers we have at check out her video introduction to the Kiki Team LEZGO

Video > Bad Ass Lesbian Biker Gang Deliver Breastmilk to Babies that Need It! 😮😮😎

Watch these cool lesbians in New York that are bad-ass biker heros! LEZGO

Uplifting Sexy Funny Lesbian Video > The Furry Cup Homage

Queer Butch Dyke Lesbian Music Video Tribute Spanning The Ages LEZGO

Watch See Jane Drill Give Brilliant Handy DIY Tips!

Leah from See Jane Drill demonstrates some handy ways to use your tape measure: LEZGO

Hilarious Video > The 2016 Song!

2016 is a complete shiny bellend of a year this song encapsulates that perfectly! LEZGO

Hilarious video > Lesbians Touch a Penis for the First Time!

Memories, light the corners of my mind… unfortunately. LEZGO

Election Reaction > Michelle Rodriguez

Amazing video from Michelle Rodriguez in shock after Trump was voted in as the new leader of the ‘Free’ world. LEZGO

Kate McKinnon Sings a Brokenhearted Hallelujah

Just wow. Tell me you didn’t just fall a little bit in love with Kate McKinnon here. Hold back the tears folks. LEZGO