29 – single, Lesbian

Hello beautiful vagina loving females. I felt it appropriate to write a bit of a personal post for once. SOOO here goes! I’m a month into my last year of being a carefree breezy twenty-something and I have entered it a single clueless lesbian. LEZGO

So Girl’s Can’t Shoot eh?! The 12 Year Old Me That Shot Down Sexism

When I was a young girl I grew up in Yorkshire, England this (in the 80s) was an old fashioned and traditional farmers type place where owning a rifle and playing a lot of cricket was the norm and as a young rapscallion tyke I loved both. LEZGO

What Makes a Woman > The Concept of Femininity

Hello once more you beautiful Funchers. Today I’d like to talk about what it is that makes a woman. As always, some of the conversation will be conducted from a trans-perspective LEZGO

The Lesbian Salute > It’s a Real Thing! #LesbianSalute

And we need to make it known. If you’ve not heard of Kate McKinnon yet you’re either not American, not a lesbian or some cave dwelling cat cuddler hermit banished away from all that is dykish and fine. LEZGO

The Phrase ‘Big Balls’ is Now Redundant

I hate this expression, it needs to change and here’s why: LEZGO

Afterellen Shuts Down

What a year, what a year, WHAT A YEAR. I’m not gonna list all the sad shit you already know about and make you cry again for the 60th time this year. Of the many… 🙁 let’s talk about the queer online ground-breaking institution Afterellen leaving us like so many other good things that bit LEZGO