I Am Not My Genitals > Classification by Sex is Awkward For Everyone

Come with us now on a journey through time and space, through the world of The United States of America. Whilst widely touted to be “The greatest country in the world” (mainly by people who live there, well…in the south…) simply looking across the political landscape of their country is enough to prove otherwise LEZGO

Ellen DeGeneres gets the Medal of Freedom

An important moment for us all, for generations past and new. LEZGO

It’s Time to Protest Trump

Recently our world fell from under our feet and Trump won the American election to be the leader of the free world – the most powerful man in the WORLD now has the same views as Hitler. LEZGO

Ruby Rose Reacts to Trump’s Election

As ever Ruby Rose gives us her giant twitter hug and support through this tough tough time throughout the world for people fighting for freedom and love: LEZGO

Ani DiFranco’s New Song

After the wake of Trump’s election Ani DiFranco has a new song out about women’s reproductive rights LEZGO