Early Christmas Present > Tracer = Lesbiqweeen!

Yaaas! All the rumours and questions have all but been confirmed by Blizzard, who have given us the greatest early Christmas Present with a wonderful holiday themed web-comic! LEZGO

(L/B)&T > Trans, Dating and Transphobia

What’s up you beautiful lot, today I’d like to talk about possibly my biggest personal hang-up, and that’s Dating; Specifically women dating trans-women and aaaaaaaaaall the hang-ups that can surround this relationship configuration. LEZGO

Photo of Lesbians Kissing at Trump Protest Goes Viral

Two women prove love really does trump hate at the protests in New York on Wednesday night. These photos of the two lesbians lost in love in their new scary world went viral and melted hearts around the world. LEZGO