Thousands of LGBT Activists Shake their Gay Booty at Mike Pence’s Inauguration

I personally know I would have been there shaking my liberal protesting ass too if I could have been!! Go my queer comrades! LEZGO

Jennifer Holliday Apologises to the LGBT Community for Considering Performing at Trump Inauguration

As the countdown to Trump’s most vetoed inauguration in history begins tomorrow just one of the many artists who backed out of performing – Jennifer Holliday gives an interview and insight into how it was her gay fans and the LGBT community that made her decide. LEZGO

Watch Roundup of 42 Oscar Wins and Nominations for LGBT Roles

This is so awesome! A video roundup of all 42 Hollywood actors who were nominated and also won Oscars for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender roles LEZGO

Accept | Follow | Reject > The Consequence of Coming Out

Before we start, I’d like to say that “Coming Out” is a big fucking deal, regardless of what you’re coming out as. LEZGO

It’s Time to Protest Trump

Recently our world fell from under our feet and Trump won the American election to be the leader of the free world – the most powerful man in the WORLD now has the same views as Hitler. LEZGO