I’m the Trans Funcher > Ask Me Anything!

What’s up you sexy bunch of Funchers! A few weeks ago I gave my Facebook friends the opportunity to ASK ME ANYTHING about being trans. I got some great questions, and hopefully you find the responses both enjoyable and informative. LEZGO

Unfair Advantage > The Illusion of Physical Equality

I’d like to talk a little bit about a subject that’s closer to my heart than I previously gave merit. Competing in sports when you’re Trans, and the illusion of our ‘Unfair Advantage’. LEZGO

(L/B)&T > Trans, Dating and Transphobia

What’s up you beautiful lot, today I’d like to talk about possibly my biggest personal hang-up, and that’s Dating; Specifically women dating trans-women and aaaaaaaaaall the hang-ups that can surround this relationship configuration. LEZGO